Measuring point planning and construction

Measuring point planning and construction

In case of a new electricity demand, we undertake the complete administration of the electricity supplier, from the application to the meter installation.

What you need to know to apply:

What is the current consumption in amperes? The main task of the electrical designer is to determine how much electricity the house will need. Will there be a solar collector, electric stove, heat pump, air conditioning heating, etc. In extreme cases, solarium, sauna, three-phase equipment, etc.

32A is a subject for all New Consumers, so if there is no electricity connection in the given property in their own name. When calculating amperes, the values ​​per phase must be added. The part above 32A must be paid to the electricity supplier as a network development contribution with a fee of HUF 3,900 / ampere + VAT.

Will there be any controlled measurement, normal or H tariff. The aforementioned fee does not have to be paid separately for the power demand requested for the controlled measurement, since once we have paid for the daytime measurement, we do not have to pay it again to the controlled one.

Where will the exact location of the final measurement site be, approx. With an accuracy of 30 cm.

Part of the demanding garden design is to decide at the time of the application where we want to place the measuring point, possibly in a trash can on a wall or in a separate / grounded measuring cabinet.

In the case of a condominium, if the meters are to be placed in groups in a staircase, it is necessary to set up a reception cabinet on the plot boundary, and from there to build a privately owned immeasurable main line at the consumer's own expense, which is not obligatory. Both the immeasurable main line and the group metering point. The electricity supplier installs the connecting line in a private area up to 1 meter from the plot boundary, where either the connecting receiving equipment or the measuring point must be located.

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